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ASTROHS stands for the German expression Automatisches STROmHandelsSystem which means an full automatic stock exchange for electric current in an existing mains. It is a energy managementsystem wherein the relations between the actual supply and demand leads to a actual price per electric power. To develop a healthy interest to hold the system running ASTROHS works with two prices: Buying and Selling price. Therefore the ASTROHS driver is able to earn money with the price difference like a normal store.

Effects, caused by ASTROHS:

ASTROHS is waiting to be realized

ASTROHS is realized up to a prototype. Wanted are companies, cities, villages and so on which will be ready to make an ignition. ASTROHS shoud be cheaper than a simple support program f. e. solar collectors for one city. The intended effect with ASTROHS should be much biger. There are a lots of reasons to think so.

ASTROHS can influence max. about 70% of the complete energy used. Our enrichment of environment poisons has to be reduced at least 75%. Only than our longterm survival can be assured. Because the traffic allone consumpts about 30% of our whole primary energy our survival can ONLY be assured together with a traffic concept. ASTROHS and Railtaxi are working hand in hand.

If You want to realise ASTROHS or Railtaxi, don't hesitate to contact me. I want to work together with you.

Experiences with a System that is similar to ASTROHS are shown in the following document: http://www.clearlake.ibm.com/Alliance/clusters/ppp/ptnenee0.ohr.html

To this subject I offer training-colleges.

Email: Christoph.Mueller@astrail.de
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