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Together with ASTROHS the Railtaxi allows to handle the energy market as a single unit. The Railtaxi will be driven electrically. Because of the rails mains the travel distances are unimited. The shown parallel switch together with a double wheel set in the railtaxis allows a enormous high traffic amount. (One rail represents about a 10 traced autobahn) The automatic driven rail vehicles changes their direction itself - not the rail! So the rails can be used similar a autobahn. The railtaxis can join and leave running traffic without braking or disturb it. This allows many of connecting points so that nearly every small village is able to have one. Becaus of the automatic running there ist neither a time table effortable nor one has to change the train at a railway station. The big amount of connection points to the railtaxi leads to only short distances, which has be traveled by own power. The electric car has together with the railtaxi and nowadays technic a real mass market. Because of the slow speed (about 130 km/h about 80 mph ), less axis loads and all wheels driven new rails can be adapted optimal in every landscape. At the same time big overland streets can be built back. The railtaxi can go up on hills with 15% and more (Großklocknerstraße in Austria has 11%), the curve radiuses can be made less than 300 Meters.

The short distances to the next railtaxi railway station and the renuciation of time tables will make the railtaxi to a heavy competitor for high speed systems like Transrapid and short distance aeroplanes. With the railtaxi one can take with nearly the complete own bureau and earn money while traveling. Biger distances mainly will be traveled over night in the own bed wich leads to a non stop distance about 2000 km or 1250 miles. The own (electric) car can be chareged while traveling. Therefore one is at the target so mobile as at the start. The system will be used around the clock what makes the user prices low. At the day there will be driven mainly short distances and at night the long distances.

The same money the transrapid trace only between Hamburg and Berlin will cost one could realise about 55.000 railtaxis, some hundrets of parallel switches and reactivate some hundret railway stations. The advantage for the average tax payer will be much biger then with other systems, because he could use it. The export chances would be as well much better. No extra and expensive infrastructure is necessary. Existing systems can be used as bases.

The realising of new rails would be much simpler as well. The low axis loads allows light and cheap fundations. The possible high traffic frequency causes only less land need. The small curve radiuses and the good hill going causes extraordinary good possibilities to fit the rail in existing landscapes. The lots of connection points don't allow the feeling of beeing "over rolled" how it comes up with high speed systems like the transrapid or TGV. The railtaxi itself will be very cheap because it will be built with mass production methods. This will allow a own motor for each wheel with the result of going through very small curve radiuses (only some meters) , very quiet noise, long lifetime and nearly no resistance from the peoples.

Potential export chances:

The railtaxi uses existing structures as basis. Therefore Europe and Asia will be the mainly export countries. But Africa, North and South America will be able to use the system. Because auf the low axis loads and the low travel speed of about 130 km/h (80 mph) there will no overdoings be necessary. At the result the system could be so cheap, that it can be installed even by poor third world countries.

If the project should be realized everywere in the world, I'm here and You can me use as a consultant. Especially in technical details I see a lot of possibilities to cut off the way into the future. This should be avoided from beginning.

If the projekt will start running, the following persons promised their support:
· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Frederich, RWTH Aachen
· Prof. Haubrich, RWTH Aachen
· Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Schwanhäußer, RWTH Aachen
· Dr.-Ing. Inga Tschiersch, RWTH Aachen
· Prof. Dr. Bernhard Liesenkötter, FH Augsburg
· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Herbst, TU Berlin
· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Knothe, TU Berlin
· Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Möser, TU Berlin
· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edmund Mühlhans, TH Darmstadt
· Prof. Dr.-Ing.habil. A. Dannehl, TU Dresden
· Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. P. Kirchoff, TU München
· Prof. Dr. Willi Kortüm, DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen
· Dr. Alfred Jaschinski, DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen
· Prof. Dr. Joachim Pachl, Institut für Eisenbahnwesen und Verkehrssicherung, Braunschweig
· Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Schnieder, TU Braunschweig
· Prof. Dr. Gerd Fleischmann, Wirtschaftswisseschaftliche Fakultät der Uni Frankfurt/Main
· Dr. Rainer Rauschenberg,
  his dissertation: a railtaxi similar system called CargoMobil can be seen here
Important persons knowing the Railtaxi: · Prof. Hans-Hermann Braess, BMW München · Hr. Strobl, BWM München, Abtl. EW-4 · Roland Heinisch, Vorstand der Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt · Dietmar Lübke, Deutsche Bahn AG, München · Joachim Mayer, Deutsche Bahn AG, München · Julia Boysen, Deutsche Bahn AG, München · Dr. Petersen, Audi IngolstadtTo this subject I offer training-colleges.

The next step

To show, how the Railtaxi works, I want to realize it as a model railway. This model Railtaxi can be observed around the clock by some web cameras. Some Railtaxis will be under remote control of lucky internet users which got a free Railtaxi. They can travel from one place to the other. A camera in the Railtaxi will send the moving image to all the other internet users.

Looking for Sponsors

Equal model or reality - the technical problems will be very similar. Also then financial problems. Therefore I'm looking for sponsors. They could have some advantages: They will be presented as high innovative companies working for vital interests like a better future and environment.

How the BahnTaxi of the Deutsche Bahn AG created the expression Railtaxi (in German language)
Buskurier (German). A concept to reduce short travel usage of cars and making the traffic more comfortable.
Energy management with ASTROHS
Environment (Umwelt, German language)
Railtaxi is good for distances more than 10 km. This proposal is for shorter distances ...
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