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Astrail: Environment Management and Traffic with ASTROHS and Railtaxi

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Astrail is a artificial word built with ASTROHS (Automatisches STROmHandelsSystem which means a Stock Exchange For Electric Current) and Railtaxi. Both ASTROHS and the railtaxi are environment and traffic concepts. Each could exist for itself. But they really make sense together. Than it would be possible to increase the quota of  regenerative energy up to 75% and more. Such high contingents of regenerative energys can only be realized together with heavy saving of energy. The energy relevant processes themselves only very seldom can be increased in a considerable way. This would only allow savings in rations of only a few percents.

The Astrail-concept therefore don't use increased technic. It uses conventional technic. But with its management it causes very interesting synergy effects. So f.e. ASTROHS causes very rapid and sometimes really big changes of the price for the electric current. Under such circumstances only the nimblest devices could exist in a economic way. Therefore one would use masswise smallest powerplants which will be very cheap because of the mass production methods. They will masswise replace normal house heatings. This will not only reduce the power consumption for heatings - this will make them unnecessary. So ASTROHS causes an huge installed electric power in the mains. The amount will be higher then all the installed big power plants together will have. One  can calculate with much more electric power in the mains than now.

The railtaxi is a traffic concept, which allows individual traffic on railroads. It is a automatic driven platform on which one can put everything. This will be transported automatically, whithout timetable and non stop (therefore mostly much faster than every train). Typical things will be cars with their passengers, public cabines, containers, lorries, busses and  so on. The vehicles will drive without any energy storage but direct with the rails mains. Together with ASTROHS the typical 80% heat loss will be stationary at places, where it can be used with sense. Besides this the regenerative Energy convertet to electric current can be used without storage loss by batteries.
Because the railtaxi uses parallel switches there are a lot of connecting points possible. The ways to and from the rail connecting points therefore are very short even in rural areas. This is the reason why the cars don't have to drive long distances with their stored energy. This is the main requirement for the wide introduction of electric cars. So the railtaxi causes the (now not existing) mass market for electric vehicles whith only small batteries and therefore only less energy loss and small amounts of money.
So the the astrail concepts to the following:

ASTROHS (english)
Railtaxi (english)
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